Our Driver hiring policy describes all our procedures and guidelines for hiring the drivers of our motor carriers.


      Regarding this driver hiring policy, the following means;

      Sale: A transaction between a customer and iStanDrive & Transportation

      Company: In this agreement, we refer to this as ‘the Company’, ‘Us’, and ‘Our’ or ‘We’. This means Life on the Road Recruiting and Transportation services. 

      Device: This refers to any gadget with access to our services. The device can be a computer, a pc, a digital tablet, or a mobile phone.

      Country: This means Texas, United States

      Services: Services point to our websites and all the online platforms where you can find our products. 

      Service Provider: A service provider is anyone – legal or natural who processes data on the company’s behalf. This includes all third-party bodies hired by us to facilitate a smooth service delivery on the company’s behalf. This also involves all the companies or individuals who provide their services related to or assist the company with analyzing how the service is used. 

      Third-Party Social media Services: This refers to all the websites or social networks through which users can access their accounts or log in and use our services. 

      Website: This refers to iStandrive

      You: This refers to the person using our service or accessing it. It also refers to the company or the legal entities through which the individual is accessing our service, as applicable.

      Hiring Timeframe:

      We do not guarantee our customers a specific time for the procurement of drivers based on your request. But we can ensure a sense of urgency will be placed on all the open positions. Please note that during the Holidays, our hiring timelines may be affected. 

      Arbitration Agreement:

      The Recruitment Agency will do everything possible to secure the most qualified driver suitable for you. While we vet the drivers, final selection and hiring will entirely depend on you, your insurance commercial provider, your company, or the operating authority’s vetting process. 

      All clients must understand that most drivers we recommend may or may not have violated the FMCSA’s drug and alcohol clearing house. Drivers will be completely ready to perform their duties following the DOT’s specifications. The drivers may or may not have a criminal background. 

      Complete supervision, control, and direction of the driver is your company’s responsibility. Clients are fully aware that we will not be held responsible for any action arising from the selected driver for hire. Every motor carrier must agree not to hold our company or employees accountable for the actions of the hired driver or throughout the ensuing period they choose to stay with the client. 

      No Professional Advice 

      iStanDrive Recruitment Agency does not provide legal advice regarding hiring drivers associated with the Return to Duty Process. Our driver recruitment services should not be replaced with legal advice from consultations with an FMCSA personnel, a legal professional, or other applicable professionals. By working with us, you accept that you will take counsel from licensed professionals and make decisions on your own before you hire any driver the Recruitment Agency refers to your company mp. 


      Limited Damages

      iStanDrive Recruitment agency will not bear any liabilities for all incidental, unusual, indirect, or direct consequential damages, irrespective of how the injuries were sustained. The damages include but they’re not restricted to loss of business damages and misplacement of equipment and property, whether external or internal. We will not be held liable for any loss of opportunity, profit losses based on contract or warranty breach, tort, or negligence. 

      The total responsibility iStanDrive Recruitment Agency will bear arising out of this agreement is restricted to the total amount you or your company paid under our contract concerning the driver you hired. ​

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