Our refund policy describes all the procedures and policies we follow regarding refunds. 


Regarding this refund policy, the following mean;

  • Sale: A transaction between a customer and iStandrive & Transportation
  • Company: In this agreement, we refer to this as ‘the Company’, ‘Us’, and ‘Our’ or ‘We’. This means Life on the Road Recruiting and Transportation services. 
  • Device: This refers to any gadget with access to our services. The device can be a computer, a pc, a digital tablet, or a mobile phone.
  • Country: This means Texas, United States
  • Services: Services point to our websites and all the online platforms where you can find our products. 
  • Service Provider: A service provider is anyone – legal or natural who processes data on the company’s behalf. This includes all third-party bodies hired by us to facilitate a smooth service delivery on the company’s behalf. This also involves all the companies or individuals who provide their related services or assist the company with analyzing how the service is used. 
  • Third-Party Social media Services: This refers to all the websites or social networks through which users can access their accounts or log in and use our services. 
  • Website: This refers to iStanDrive
  • You: This refers to the person using our service or accessing it. It also refers to the company or the legal entities through which the individual is accessing our service, as applicable. 

Refund Policy

Every sale is final. ​Many of the services and goods we offer are digital and require both time commitment, sourcing, and driver placement; due to this, we cannot offer refunds. This applies to all the products and services we offer, but they are not restricted to the services we render or our workshops, boot camps, and membership opportunities. Please also note that our services are non-transferable and non-cancelable. In addition, we do not give credits for future services or purchases. 

iStanDrive reserves the right to deny services to companies or people at our discretion. 

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