One Agency for All The Truck Drivers You Need

It is often difficult for the transportation industry to recruit the quantity and quality drivers they need. iStanDrive is here to help make it easy to recruit quality drivers in high numbers.

We seek out experienced, reliable truck and bus drivers and bring them to you.

To increase growth and be successful in your transportation company, let IStanDrive do the recruiting job for you. We have the best connection to experience and new truck drivers across the nation. We know where good truck drivers hang out. Let's get them for you!

What driving position do we employ?

Our recruiters understand the transportation market and focus on recruiting and getting ready truck and bus drivers with Class A or B licenses. We also employ drivers for companies that use personal transportations.

How do we find reliable drivers for the job?

Our recruiter thoroughly researches the suitable media to find the best drivers. After verifying license type, each candidate is interviewed and screened correctly to ensure we provide drivers with no criminal background.

Which location does iStanDrive provide truck driving candidates?

Our recruiters may provide candidates willing to travel across the United States and Mexico, depending on your needs. Although there are often large geographical areas for driving routes, there is no limit to where our drivers can go. Our recruiters find those drivers you won't find anywhere else who hide in less prominent locations.

Allow Our Recruiters To Fill Your Driving Positions With Our Quality Driving Candidates

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The reason your company may depend on iStanDrive for all your driving needs

We utilize different avenues to sort out drivers for logistic and transportation companies. In a month in the US alone, the job searches for our network reach 1 billion. We screen our drivers thoroughly and develop good relationships through frequent communication, ensuring partners with a good transportation company.

We advertise to reach the best candidates.

Finding reliable drivers who won't leave your truck on the road is hard, and this is why you have to depend on our recruiter's expertise to help you find uniques candidates. Here's what we can do for you;

Upscale your hiring needs

When it comes to recruiting quality drivers, iStanDrive is the go-to. We use online hiring events, one-on-one interviews, and social media to drive multiple quality candidates to meet your hiring goals. Go beyond the job posting.

Understand the market for truck driving recruitment

Tab into the intelligence of our recruiting system by allowing our recruiters to scale through your recruiting needs fast and easy

Achieve instant progress in recruiting drivers for your transportation company

When you allow iStanDrive to help with your recruitment needs, we charge you less but focus on recruiting quality drivers for your company.

On average, our clients who want us to provide a large number of drivers to their transportation company save up to 20% compared to other agencies.

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